Bandwagon Reincarnated: Return of the Wildly Popular iTunes Backup Application, Now DIY

For the last two months UNEASYsilence has been conducting an exclusive beta test of the newly reincarnated “Bandwagon” iTunes backup utility. When Bandwagon launched it took the web by storm because of its simplicity and unlimited storage for a LOW fixed monthly fee. The service, however, was quickly shut down after the folks over at Xackup quickly found out that Mac users store a TON of music.

We are proud to report that Xackup has now produced new application is significantly better then the previous one. In the new Bandwagon users are now backing up to Amazon S3 accounts or personal FTP space (support coming in the next few months). Although Amazon S3 is more of a “geek” technology, Bandwagons setup automatically handles everything for you after you provide your secret S3 keys.

On first launch Bandwagon scans your iTunes XML file and provides the option to backup Music (Including Booklets), Audiobooks, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, iPod Games, Visualizers, and Podcasts preserving play counts and all other metadata. Xackup maintains a backup history of your data to not only to be sure duplicate data is not uploaded, but to make restores simple. In a test after deleting 12 random songs, Bandwagon identified the missing songs instantly and offered to restore them.

Bandwagon is optimized to handle large iTunes libraries, and in my tests backed up an iTunes library with over 40,000 items with over 300GB of data. All you need is patience to upload all the data.

Why Bandwagon instead of other online backup utilities? Bandwagon creator Jofell Gallardo says Xackup, with Bandwagon, is pioneering the vertical backup market which deals more with niche backup, from Media, Documents, Office and Enterprise Data. “We can’t really compare Mozy to our product. We’re not a generic backup, but we’re trying to achieve seamless restoration of data from the applications we use., says Gallardo.

If you value your music collection, and want to disaster proof it, Bandwagon is an essential tool for your arsenal. Available for $24 a year plus Amazon S3 transfer and storage costs.

Thank to the team over at Xackup, for letting us provide this exclusive look into the relaunched version of Bandwagon.

A download will be made available later today from the newly relaunched Bandwagon site