Sling Player For Mac Goes GM


After months of development the more “mac like” Sling Player has emerged from beta, and is available to download in all its Universal Binary glory. Sling received a ton of constructive criticism from Mac users when the initial beta launched back in October since the application felt like a port of the Windows version. With the addition of an engineer who used to work at Apple, the new program is much more Mac friendly, even starting with the installation – which is just drag and drop.

According to Slings resident blogger in chief, Dave Zatz, this version sport more then a new UI. There are a TON of under-the-hood bug fixes and support for additional devices which include Apple TV and AT&T U-verse DVRs.

If you were a public beta tester the GM version, which will appear as a download later today on Slings website, will clean up all old beta.

A few more pictures after the jump.