The Post-It Note Jaguar

With what seems like an obviously endless supply of Post-it’s (is something digging through the office supplies?), and even more time and willing participants, who wouldn’t want to take the time to cover an entire car? Check out the entire set here.

Airsoft hand signals during play

Airsoft hand signalsIn the wonderful world of Airsoft assault, players must use their cunning and sly skills to move undetected in order to overcome their opponents. For those curious enough to seek out the Airsoft player secret hand signals, check out the Unconventional Airsoft [hand signals] manual. Take note of each description beneath the hand signal images.

How-to: Green Eggs and Ham

Ever wondering how to make green eggs & ham? The steps outlined are a little more challenging than I thought the process was. I figured you just dropped some food coloring in while the thing was cooking. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

Vintage Web Surfing

retrobrowsing.jpg Web browsing has certainly developed in its very short lifespan. We now have CSS, Flash, AJAX all terms readers of this site should be familiar with. But how many people know of Lynx, HotJava, and Mosaic?