The Mac OSX SlingPlayer

As promised, Sling Media has brought us Mac users a Halloween treat! The highly anticipated Sling Player for OS X has been unleashed for the public to test. For those out of the loop, the Slingbox allows anyone anywhere access to their TV, or DVR with no additional monthly service fees.

For you to take part in the beta you’ll obviously need a SlingBox, OS X 10.4, and a Mac (Intel or PowerPC), there is a PC version as well.

Now for the brief review: The quality of the streaming media is absolutely stunning on a LAN connection, and completely watchable over a slow internet connection (DUN anyone?). More interestingly is that it does not require any Windows media components to be installed on the Mac (Previously a requirement on the PC version).

For those of you without a SlingBox, you can check out some screenshot porn after the jump!

Download it now