Review: Democracy Player 0.9 updates

democracy player screenshot

Nicholas Reville, Executive Director of the Participatory Culture Foundation, invited me to take a sneak peak of the upcoming update(s) for the open-source Democracy Player. For an introduction of the OS X (Universal Binary), Linux, & Windows friendly Democracy Player, check out our write-up approximately one month ago.

So what updates can Democracy Player users expect with the 0.9 release?

  • Flash support – The 0.9 release will allow Windows users to view Flash videos. OS X users can expect similar functionality in the 0.9.1 release.
  • Playlists – Creating unique playlists of videos, television shows, and podcasts is a simple drag ‘n drop process.
  • Folders – Organize your channels (video & podcast subscriptions) using folders; tech, apple, geek, politics. Additionally, organize playlists using folders; “Laugh at this”, bloopers, etc.
  • Localized – Democracy Player now comes in 30 different flavors languages.
  • UI Improvments – Minor graphical enhancements add additional beauty to an already attractive interface.

The updates planned for the 0.9 release only confirm the fact that the Democracy Player is to web based videos & podcasts as NewsFire is to RSS. With an exceptionally attractive interface, simplicity, and an integrated channels guide, Democracy Player guarantees entertainment.

What would improvement would I like to see added to the Democracy Player? How about inline searching, browsing, viewing, and downloading of YouTube videos? Any other ideas for a solid all-in-one video manager & aggregator?