The first HD-DVD player hits the market, and nobody cares!

Toshiba began selling the first players using the next-generation HD DVD video format Friday, beating the rival Blu-ray disc format to market in a high-stakes competition to deliver theater-quality movies to living rooms.

Japanese electronics maker Toshiba Corp. said its HD-XA1, priced at about 110,000 yen ($936) is the world’s first commercially available HD DVD player. The product, which has no recording function, is being promised for the United States in April at about $799.


I don’t fully understand WHY people are getting into this whole next gen DVD thing. First of all the payers are MUY expensive. Secondly, not backwards compatible, meaning you have to rebuy your entire DVD collection. Thirdly, you can’t BACKUP these DVD’s – Translation you break it, your buying it again.

If you want high definition with your existing DVD’s may I recommend the Samsung DVD-HD960. That DVD player scales any DVD up to 720p or 1080i via HDMI or DVI giving you a near High Definition experience. (I know Samsung has a cheaper model – but the HD960 includes a HDMI and HDMI to DVI cable which can cost up to $70 if purchased separately. )