Cellphone do/don't give you cancer

And the debate continues:

Researchers at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life issued a report this week disputing two earlier studies that claimed cell phone use has no correlation to increased brain tumor risk. The Swedish study found that long-term mobile phone exposure could raise the chance of developing cancer.

In January, a four-year study performed by the London-based Institute of Cancer Research and three British universities found that talking on a cell phone had no effect on tumor rates. That research included 966 people with glioma brain tumors and 1,716 healthy respondents. Individuals were questioned on first use, lifetime years of use, cumulative hours of use, and number of calls they made.

My feeling is that YES, cellphones can put you on an increased risk of developing cancer. COME ON, you are putting something that operates at the same frequency as a microwave next to your head. Oh, and laptops might make you sterile too đŸ˜›

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