coComment – Centralized comment tracking for the blogosphere


The latest buzz in the blogosphere yesterday revolved around a new service by the name of coComment.

coComment is the only service that allows you to enjoy the full potential of blog comments on the web. Before coComment, the blogosphere was not a global conversation, but tons of fragmented, hard to follow, and untrackable discussions.

Using coComment, you can now keep track of what you have been commenting on, display your comments on your blog, and see what is new in the discussions you are participating in (if other users are also on coComment).

I was fortunate enough to find an invite to the beta service in my inbox yesterday morning. I spent a good deal of the day fooling around with system and realized that a) this service does exactly what it claims to do, and b) allows for more robust comment conversations. Despite the fact that the service is beta, the interface and support is top notch.

The idea is simple. Visit the coComment homepage, submit your email for an invite, sit tight until said invite arrives, then register and install the coComment bookmarklet. Anytime you plan on submitting a comment to WordPress, TypePad, MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, or MSN Spaces, simply click the coComment bookmarklet. Doing so will inform coComment that you are leaving a comment and wish for the service to begin tracking. Greasemonkey users will appreciate the coComment userscript which alleviates the process of having to click on a browser bookmarklet.

Check the service out for yourself. You might find yourself spending more time engaging with other readers on your favorite weblogs.

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