Mac Mondays: Aperture and Prosumer Photographers

Apple has announced its new tool for photographers to preview, import, organize, edit and output to your clients. Aperture is a postproduction application that “treats RAW images as JPEG� in terms of how easy it is to edit and control the process. The application also takes advantage of EXIF and META data to help you organize these proofs. This is not a Photoshop competitor but a tool to compliment Photoshop. With PSD support and more, you can use Aperture to help you do small edits to your photos and move those into albums, edit them in Photoshop then move them back into Aperture to exports to online printing engines such as Ofoto and .Mac or print them as contact sheets or other customized prints.

Now that we know what Aperture does, how does it his affect today’s digital photographer and how they get work done? Apple boasted that this helps photographers get back to what they are good at doing, “taking photographs� and removes the geekiness of moving these onto your computer, doing minor modifications then outputting for your clients to see. While I was working with a company we won’t name that makes computers and a popular music player, I met someone that is a wedding photographer and was convinced a 17� PowerBook was what she needed to help her get work done faster and deliver finished proofs of the wedding to her clients.

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