It's BAAACK! – UNEASYforums!!

After a much needed hiatus, UNEASYforums are back online!! If you’ve been with us long enough, you might recall the old forum. Due to heavy server hits, we had to decomission the ol’ IPB forum.

Well, we’ve decided it was about that time to give you – the readers – a dedicated area to interact with one another. We opted to take Lussumo’s Vanilla out for a spin. Discuss stories, burn some time, throw some comments back and forth… bottomline, help us test the new forum. The decision to run Vanilla is by no means final. The UNEASY way requires that we rarely find anything satisfactory. We’re always tweaking something. As such, the UNEASYforums have not yet received the full UNEASY asthetic treatment. Over the next few day(s) / week(s) the board will receive a style to match the front page.

So what are you waiting for!? Get in there!

Welcome to UNEASYforums.