Yahoo buys Konfabulator

The high point of the deal is that Yahoo plans on offering the software for free. The real question is whether or not some sort of required advertisement widget is going to be floating on your desktop.

For those unfamiliar with Konfab widgets, check out the official website here. Widgets are essentially mini applications. Some widgets expand on the functionality of applications. The Konfabulator widgets are said to be the inspiration behind Apple Dashboard Widgets. Whether or not Apple blatantly ripped or borrowed the idea is up for discussion.

Rumor has it that Yahoo plans on developing the Konfab widgets for Linux. Check the official Konfabulator website throughout the day for a possible free release. What a pain for users who recently paid the $20 registration fee.

Update: Thanks to Andrew and Jeffrey for pointing out that users who recently purchased Konfabulator will receive a refund. I guess I overlooked that line in the Yahoo article.

Update: “Yahoo Widgets” are now free. Download your copy for OSX and Windows here.

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