The Season Final Summary

Miss your shows season finale, what to know what happens?

Summarized to save you reading:

24: Once again, Jack saved the day, finding the missile before it could hit its target, which turned out to be L.A. (Good thing Marwan hadn’t targeted the closer-to-the-launch-site Chicago, huh?) And what thanks does Jack get? His own government tries to kill him, forcing him to fake his death and walk off into the sunrise as a man with no name.

Alias: Sydney destroyed the Rambaldi device, a big red ball that made humans rabid, but not before her sister Nadia was infected and shot. Safely back home, Syd and Vaughn were in a car planning their wedding, which led to the season’s most heart-stopping cliffhanger. As Vaughn started to reveal some dark secret about his life â€â€? and his name â€â€? another car blindsided them and us.

The Amazing Race: Uchenna and Joyce won, Rob and Amber didn’t.

America’s Next Top Model: Naima won a three-way contest, easily topping Keenyah and then edging out Kahlen in what Tyra Banks called the closet Model dash yet.

American Idol: Country Carrie won in a 10-second “Here’s your American Idol” announcement stretched over two hours.

Desperate Housewives: What didn’t? Desperate used up more plots in an hour than Dynasty used to use in a year. Start with the answer to the big season-long mystery: It was Mary Alice, not Paul, who murdered Deirdre to stop her from taking back Zach. Note to Mary Alice: You probably could have sold the police on self-defense if you hadn’t chopped the body up and stuffed it in a toy chest. It’s always the coverup that gets you. Elsewhere, Tom quit his job and ordered Lynette back to work; Gaby lied for Carlos on the witness stand, which did no good because Carlos snapped immediately afterwards and attacked John in court; Mike was set to kill Paul, and then relented when Paul told him Mary Alice killed Deirdre; new neighbors made a brief appearance looking suitably next-season mysterious, and Zach held Susan and Mike at gunpoint. Oh, and Rex died â€â€? or so Bree thinks.

Lost: The island’s mad Frenchwoman stole Claire’s baby, but Charlie and Sayid got him back; Locke survived the monster and blew the lid off the hatch, though we didn’t really get to see what’s inside; and the raft was attacked by the “others,” who kidnapped Walt and left the rest to drown.

Survivor: Tom won

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