What screenshotdoes a German cat sound like? How about a Hungarian chicken? Fans of sound-art will thoroughly enjoy this Flash site that presents a “collection of onomatopoeia from around the world.” It captures the voices of kids and focuses on their pronunciation of animal and vehicle sounds in different languages. Hear these plucky little kids meow in German, hiss in Japanese, and quack in Russian. Or honk if you want to hear the curious sounds issued when kids are asked to imitate vehicles — police cars and trains make for interesting subjects. After tuning in to some of these clips, you might wonder whether the kids of different nationalities are actually imitating the same animals. The results are charming and amusing nonetheless. Take note — if you have a little one at home who can roar like a lion or cluck like a chicken, the site wants to hear their perky pipes. This site cracks me up. Hahaha!