Throwing Quarters At The Starbucks Kids

Throwing Quarters At The Starbucks Kids: “It’s the sort of issue that can turn a friendly debate into a cause for limb-ripping and bloodshed: tipping at Starbucks. It drives us nuts, too — on principle, we’d like to tip the cute boy who made our lattes, but that designer coffee is expensive enough as is and we’ve got other costly habits to maintain in addition to our caffeine addiction.

The Starbucks Gossip weblog raises the question of tip distribution amongst a store’s employees and we learn, interestingly enough, that employees at some stores make an extra $3.50 an hour in tips. Add that to Starbucks’ hourly wages (which are above minimum wage) and suddenly that girl behind the register with the blank stare is making more than a working tranny at the Hooker’s Ball.”