Now Bar-Hoppers Can Inhale Liquor Instead Of Drinking It

Now Bar-Hoppers Can Inhale Liquor Instead Of Drinking It: “A new machine that allows bar-hoppers to inhale liquor instead of drinking it is set to make its debut in New York City Friday night. Would You Try It?Would you want to try a new machine that allows people to inhaleliquor instead of drinking it?YesNo

There’s already an effort to get it banned.

The machine combines alcohol and oxygen to create an inhalable alcoholic mist.

It’s called Alcohol Without Liquid — or AWOL — and it’s already available in Europe and Asia. Its American distributor, Spirit Partners, is touting it as a low-carb, low-calorie and hangover-free alternative to drinking.

The company says AWOL sends alcohol into the bloodstream faster than drinking, resulting in a quick buzz. But it also says the level of alcohol in the body after AWOL use is lower than for traditional drinkers.”