Three-in-One Breakfast Toaster Coffee Machine Egg Boiler: “If there is a worse investment for me, gadget-wise, than kitchen appliances, I don’t know that it is. I’ll buy KitchenAid attachments just because they look neat, convincing myself that ‘amateur sausage making’ is going to sizzle me into a future of home-ground treats, then leave the packages unopened on the shelf. So you might understand how I could be intrigued by this Three-in-One Breakfast Toaster Coffee Machine Egg Boiler, that not only brews your bean juice but can toast a muffin or bread and steam up to four eggs at once. In my mind, I am sitting here each morning, writing up the latest gadgets for you, while simultaneously cooking myself a healthy, albeit bacon-free and therefore slightly sad breakfast. In reality, I would be purchasing and ignoring three different kitchen appliances at once.

It’s a win-win situation, really.”