RealNetworks' half-off sale

RealNetworks’’ half-off sale:

“Apparently trying to smooth a path towards their own future bankruptcy, RealNetworks is going after Apple’s iTunes Music Store by slashing the price through Labor Day of all music downloads from their own RealPlayer Music Store (which will play on the iPod now due to some hackery on Real’s part) to just 49 cents, with most albums costing only $4.99. Since the kindly record labels aren’t about to give up their own piece of the pie and we know that at 99 cents a download even Apple isn’t making much profit, RealNetworks must be losing more than just a pretty penny on each sale (that’s their CEO, Rob Glaser, pictured at right). Apple fans, now’s your chance to put them out business!”

NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT, just me doing my part to help Real go out of business.