Two men allegedly rob same store twice in same night

The Associated Press

Last Updated 10:30 am PDT Tuesday, August 3, 2004

KINGWOOD, W.Va. (AP) – Two men who allegedly broke into the same store twice in the same night were arrested when they were spotted across the street later the same morning.

Surveillance video shows two people breaking into the Manown Mini Mart before midnight Sunday, and again early Monday morning.

“When the alarm went on the second time and we came out here, we were just thinking, certainly, it’s something silly, surely someone just bumped the door or something, certainly they didn’t come back,” said Linda Huggins, who owns the store with her husband Randy.

Wine coolers, fortified wine and cigarettes were taken from the store, Randy Huggins said.

As the couple was cleaning up after the second break-in, Huggins said he heard an ATV start outside. Walking to a church parking lot across the street, he recognized the men from the surveillance video.

Huggins grabbed Michael Christopher Lovy and deputies caught Zachary Scott Mori, who fled on foot. Both men are 18 and from Waldorf, Md.

“I don’t know if they were coming for a third time or just couldn’t get the four-wheeler started to get out of here.” Randy Huggins said. “They didn’t seem like they were real swift.”

Lovy and Mori were charged with two counts each of breaking and entering and conspiracy.

Kingwood is about 20 miles southeast of Morgantown.