Calif. police free chicken caught in windshield wiper

YUBA CITY, Calif. (AP) – Not only did this chicken not make it across the road, but it wound up in a motorist’s windshield wipers.

Yuba City Police Lt. Bill Ollar said a man reported that he was driving along a Highway 99 frontage road Tuesday night when a chicken flew by and became entangled in the wipers.

language The man said he didn’t want to try to free the bird himself so he drove to the police station in this farming community, about 35 miles north of Sacramento. An officer suggested that he turn on his wipers to see if that would free the chicken, but it only set off a “wing-flapping, screeching frenzy,” police said.

Finally, an officer donned rubber gloves and freed the bird, which was unharmed but got away.