City aviation bigwigs really clean up at O'Hare

City aviation bigwigs really clean up at O’Hare : “No job should be too small for the city executives who run Chicago’s airports, the city’s aviation boss declared Tuesday as he handed his top deputies mops and gloves and told them to clean O’Hare Airport’s toilets for a day.

‘We know people’s impressions of our facilities and of our city are partly driven by having a clean restroom,’ Aviation Commissioner John Roberson said. ‘The only way you can really understand the importance of keeping our restrooms clean is going out and getting your hands dirty. Clean it yourself. Work a shift.’

Beginning this week, anyone with an assistant commissioner title or above will spend an eight-hour shift mopping bathroom floors, emptying trash cans, washing sinks and cleaning toilets. Many of the approximately 20 executives on the hook, including Roberson, make more than $100,000 a year.

And no, they can’t work an overnight shift when traffic is low.”