Abusive Stamps


Abusive Stamps:

Tired Of Beating Around The Bush?

Get straight to the point extremely fast with Abusive Stamps. Break out your inner BOFH and let your true feelings come forth, into an ink pad, and onto some paper. All without the safety of using acronyms! It’s absolutely cathartic. Some tasks in the workplace are just so unbelievably prosaic and pointless that it’s only fair you occasionally are enabled to call a spade a spade. And you get to do so using advanced language skills in the process!

Choose between six different stamp designs, including:


I haven’t got time to read this CRAP

Staple this to your FACE

Confidential – read this and I’ll have to kill you

File under T for TRASH

Complete and Utter BULLSHIT

Each stamp comes complete with a red ink pad. ThinkGeek is not responsible should you lose your employment by utilizing these fine stamps on the wrong document, in the wrong place, or with the wrong person. You must choose your circumstances to stamp wisely young padawans.