Silenced! – On air mugging disrupts live radio broadcast

A South Afircan live radio report goes dead when reporter is robbed of cell phone at gun point: ”

Radio Reporter Mugged on Air

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Jul 21, 7:09 AM (ET)

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – A South African radio reporter went a little more live than anticipated on Tuesday when he was mugged on air for his cellphone.

Regan Thaw of the Johannesburg area Talk Radio 702 was about to deliver an on-site report from a local squatter settlement when one of the locals pulled a gun on him.

‘I asked him a question but got no response, I just heard shuffling and muffled voices in the background,’ said 702 news editor Katy Katopodis, who was on air with Thaw at the time.

‘He had a gun held to his head and he was told ‘give me your phone’ … (the man) threatened to kill Regan if he didn’t hand over the phone and his belongings.’

Thaw complied and the show went on — without his report.

The on-air mugging was rare even for South Africa, which has one of the highest crime rates in the world. But Katopodis said it was not altogether unprecedented.

‘The exact same thing has happened to me five years ago. I was held up at gunpoint while doing an interview,’ she said. “