Love Story

Love Story: “Earlier today, Courtney Love’s lawyer Michael Rosenstein said his client was ‘conscious and in a stable condition.’ That was wonderful to hear; I’m not sure she’s been conscious and stable at the same time for months now. She’s not usually stable when she’s conscious. That happens only when she’s passed out. Which, apparently, she was when she was carried on a stretcher to New York’s Bellevue Hospital on Friday, wearing only a camisole and handcuffs. She had an unspecified ‘gynecological condition,’ which was probably an abortion, because on Friday she told the police who had been called to her apartment, ‘Today is my birthday and I had an abortion.’ She was 40. Rosenstein said Love’s condition was ‘not a suicide attempt, not drug-related, not drug overdose related.’ Today, a person close to Love spoke to the press on condition of anonymity. She declined to discuss Love’s condition, the reason for her hospitalization, or where she was holing up, saying only that Love had been discharged from the hospital. With that kind of damning info, it’s a good thing she didn’t use her name.”