RetroPod: Hipster Hard Case for iPod

Retropod: iPod case made from a vintage Sony Sports Walkman shell.

“The god damned hipsters have struck again — and this time, it’s portable. The Retropod is a, uhm, retrofitting of older Sony “Sports Walkmans” that is probably the very least functional case for iPods I’ve ever seen. All you get is a headphone out, and you have to open up the case to get to the controls. Even the inline remote won’t work, because of the way the headphone extender works. But hey, their models are cute and that goes a long way, even if I can smell the reek of Pabst right through the JPEG.

Now if the only option they offered were the $100 version, I’d have to throw them back out on the curb where they mate and sleep, but since they also have a $20 DIY version (Walkman not included), we’ll let it slide for now.”