O'Really they like O'Reilly

From MSNBC – ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ for May 31:

“…And in response to the escape two months ago of one of its gorilla residents, the Dallas Zoo has begun to isolate some of its giant primates, and just like you with your kids, anesthetize them with Disney video.  Five of the western low-land gorillas have been moved to an indoor holding area since the March breakout, which three people were injured.  To keep them busy, keepers have been showing them, particularly 14-year-old Patrick, TV.  “We tried to put on sports,â€Â? keeper Cindy McCaleb tells the “Dallas Morning News,â€Â? but he really wasn‘t interested.  Patrick, it turns out, likes “National Geographicâ€Â? specials.  But he and the other gorillas all really like cartoons.  Particularly “The Little Mermaid,â€Â? “Lion King,â€Â? “Beauty and the Beast,â€Â? and “The O‘Reilly Factor.â€Â?”

Well that proves that more then two baboons watch the show!